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We are glad to welcome you on the official website of the publishing company «STATUS».

About the publishing company

Professional edition, printing and sale of quality books for the whole world from 1 (one) copy, which we create intime.

We create books with a full publishing process is softcover and hardcover on specialized booking paper in velvet bookcovers with selective 3D varnishing by minimal orders on our own equipment.

By creating full-fledged books, help each author achieve personal success.

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Do you dream of publishing your book? We will help you publish your book in the best possible way from one copy. The STATUS editorial office specializes in publishing scientific, methodological, local history, art and anniversary books. We publish the best exclusive books because we devote 100% of our time to this business. Order a call now and you will receive the design of the cover of the book published by us as a gift.

    Best quality books

    We are a team of professionals – for your book:

    We will create a high-quality individual design

    We will carry out layout according to international standards

    We will competently subtract the content, proofread the text and suggest editorial changes

    Let’s assign codes UDC, LBK

    We will register with the International ISBN Agency by assigning a barcode

    Let’s print on good paper

    We will make soft and hardcover in the agreed time frame

    Print run on our own equipment

    Our company deals exclusively with books. We are not an advertising agency and not a typography, although the seal and we carry out the binding of books on our own equipment.

    «Why our authors are proud of their books»

    • We “live” with each book a full publishing cycle, regardless of circulation.
    • We use only author’s illustrations for covers and decoration of books,under a standard license from Depositphotos Corporation (USA), and we employ artists.
    • We make the trending achievements of the publishing and printing art available (velvet cover lamination, selective varnish and foil, embossing, full-color printing on leatherette, valves, cases, bookmarks, unique sealed endpapers and rear endpapers, bookplate).
    • We help to personalize the composition of the book, depending on the topic;
    • We operate in the licensed fonts;
    • We print a book block only on correctly selected types of paper;
    • We make the book “alive”, preserving all layouts and giving the author the opportunity to print a convenient number of books, making any additions after publication.

    Author of the publishing company “STATUS”

    • Scientist

      Representative of the intellectual intelligentsia. A person for whom science has become a part of life, and a book is a positioning tool in the scientific community.

    • Writer

      A creative person capable of creating works of authorship and changing the World with his inspiration. The publication of a full-fledged edition allows you to emphasize the power of images and the skill of the pen.

    • Expert

      A specialized specialist who is ready to give his value to the World by helping people in the fields of medicine, psychology, health, local history, genealogy, personal growth and prosperity. A complete book becomes a business card and promotes more effective marketing.

    • Educator

      A person who brings up the younger generation through their values and love for their subject. The book helps to systematize work experience and present personal achievements in the best possible way.

    • Educational system institution

      An institution uniting creative educators. The publication, as a rule, is designed to demonstrate a rich palette of methodological developments and the results of successful activities. The book becomes a unique portfolio that can be proudly presented to the general public.

    • Business venture

      An organization that declares its uniqueness to the World. The book, in this case, acts as a guide to create a potential client’s trust in a product, service or enterprise as a whole.

    Where to print the book

    The answer is obvious – in publishing company “STATUS”. With us – your book will be created in the best possible way.

    Publishing company “STATUS” – we publish your success stories

    Entrust us with the publication of your book, and you will get more than you expect!

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