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Publish a book

We will help you publish a book in Ukraine. We will perform qualitatively design your book, layout it according to international standards, carefully subtract the content, assign UDC and LBK codes, register with the International ISBN Agency, print on good paper and make a soft and hardcover in the agreed time. We print books in Zaporozhye on our own equipment. Publishing and printing is carried out at the expense of the authors of the book.

History of STATUS publishing company

The history of STATUS publishing company begins in 2005, when a team of enthusiasts decided to change the world for the better. Initially, the organization was called informational and educational centr Press Accent and conducted educational programs for young journalists. Further, the round of development led to  the creation of the publishing company «Krugozor», whose team was engaged in publishing and printing projects of a wide profile: from the production ofbusiness cards, flyers and  booklets to outdoor advertising. Today the organization has been transformed into STATUS publishing company, and the team focused exclusively on publishing books. This allowed us to make books at a high quality level, giving each author the opportunity to receive in his own publication the world’s trends in publishing skills and print circulations from one copy.

Publishing books as the most important thing in life

During the successful work the staff of the publishing company has formulated the basic principles of its uniqueness:

The success of the author

We really care about the success of our author. This is evidenced by many reviews. We look at each book from three positions (publisher, author, reader), which allows you to model the correct image of the future book.

Growth and development

We are constantly evolving, mastering new techniques of publishing art, studying the modern achievements of printing skills, our employees are trained in specialized courses and trainings.

Full edition

We accompany the author through all stages of the publishing cycle with the approval of a signal copy of the book in paper form, regardless of the number of copies.

The quality of the book

We use only high-quality consumables to make the book.

Project management

We provide authors with comprehensive support during exhibitions, conferences, forums, round tables, trainings.

Attracting attention to book

We offer authors profile experts who review publications.

The author is forever

We care about our authors after the publication, by giving the opportunity to contribute to in the add-on layout and edits, as well as  placing the book in the online offices of the publisher (website, facebook, book websites and shops).

Where to publish your book

We guarantee all our authors quality products, a responsible attitude to to work and fulfillment of obligations. STATUS Publishing Company manufactures books at the expense of the customer. You invest your money in own edition. We conclude an author’s contract, prepare a layout, publish a book and send you a circulation for further distribution. In this case, all rights to the published book remain with you. Knowledge of the requirements and norms of domestic and international standards of book publishing allows us to perform work on the preparation of books for printing of any complexity.Where to publish your book? In Publishing Company STATUS We guarantee our responsibility for your book.

Make a book to order

For our author, a wide range of small-volume book products is always available. You can even print a book in one copy. We will help you publish and produce an e-book, as well as print in a paper book, brochure, monograph, textbook, collection of poems and other products.

Full-color and monochrome printing of books

We – are a publishing house for authors. As part of our activities, we produce exclusive books to order. We make for our authors:

Full color edition (multi-page printing)

Full color edition (multi-page printing)

Printing books to order (Print-on-Demand)

Print books on demand (Print-on-Demand)

Binding on a spring and a bracket (binding, creasing, pressing)

Print books on demand (Print-on-Demand)

The editorial staff of the publishing company “Status”

The editorial staff of STATUS publishing company consists of experienced employees: attentive editors work here and proofreaders, creative designers and typesetters, neat printers and bookbinders.

Printing and production of books on own equipment

STATUS Publishing Company is favorably distinguished by the presence of its own publishing and printing equipment.We  have printing machines, paper-cutting devices, technical capacities allowing to carry out operations on production of books: the press, sheet selection, gluing, a firmware, stapling, creasing, folding, hatching, stamping, cutting down, pressing, packing.

Delivery of your books

We deliver books across Ukraine and abroad – to o Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia and  other countries. In our publishing company you can choose the branch of reliable transport companies convenient for you.

Certificates, diplomas, certificates of conformity

We are an officially registered publishing company, according to the registration certificate.  By publishing books, we receive gratitude from our authors. We work on certified consumables (certificates of conformity (ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000, ISO 14000/14001).