How publising

How to publish your book

To publish a book you need to contact us,  the publishing company”STATUS”.

I want to publish a book

We always ask our authors three main questions:

  • For what purpose do you publish a book?
  • How soon do you want the finished edition?
  • What budget do you expect to invest in?

These are far from idle questions. The answers to them are of fundamental importance, which can radically change the author’s plans for book.

What can be published

We will help you to publish and create a paper and e-book, as well as print a paper color and monochrome (black and white) book, brochure, monograph, scientific collection, abstract, textbook, collection of poems, children’s book, catalog, gift book, methodical, magazine, atlas, exclusive book and other products.

What you need to publish a book

We believe that in order to organize a competent publishing process, the author needs to properly understand the stages of publishing a book. Conditionally it is possible to allocate three stages:

  • Book publishing – creating a layout ready for printing.
  • Production of a paper copy (printing, binding, etc.).
  • Post-publishing accompaniment of the book.

Book settings

In order to begin the process of publishing a book, it is important for you, the author, to decide on the parameters of the future book.

  • Define the volume of book.
  • Choose the format of the prepared edition.
  • Pick up a paper for a book block.
  • Determined with a kind binding of book products.
  • You will choose drawing of book.

Process of edition of book

The process of edition of book conditionally can be presented in as four stages.

  • Editorial Editorial estimation and preparation of original of book to the production.
  • Productive Printing, realization of stitching-binding bookworks.
  • PublishingEditorial and proof-reader proofreading of text. Preparation of the original layout
    in  a specialized layout program. Assigning codes ISBN, UDK, LBC, barcode.
  • Marketing Spread and sales of book products.

Specialists in the areas participate in the book publishing process:

1. Editing

The essence of editorial work is to help the author more easily solve the tasks set before the work, to make perfect the content and form of the book before it reaches the reader.

2. Proofreading

The general purpose of proofreading is to achieve stylistic, grammatical and technical perfection of the prepared text form and high quality of the work as a whole.

3. Translation

Literary, technical translation of the text into the language of the reader, taking into account the characteristics of the target audience of the book.

4. Artist services

Exclusive book illustration is one of the signs of high book quality.


Layout – compiling the pages of a book, newspaper, magazine from typed lines, titles, illustrations. This is in accordance with the pre-approved layout of the publication and is part of the prepress process.


As they say, “on clothes meet”. It is a competent design, in our deep conviction, ensures the success of the book.

7. Printing books

The key process. The task of the printer is to ensure the exact correspondence of the paper copy to the idea, which was laid by the publisher, editor, illustrator, designer.

8.Stitching and binding works

The bookbinder solves the problems of the post-printing stage of book creation: careful sheet selection, folding and cutting of sheets, pressing, gluing and drying of book covers, as well as book blocks and, directly, assembly of books.

Publication of the book at the expense of the author

Make an order from us, and we will make every effort to qualitatively and quickly publish a book in  soft or hard cover.

We will publish your book from one copy and place it for sale in online publishing house.